Could your furry friend use a pampering session?

Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is just as important as maintaining his or her wellness on the inside. Pets that are groomed regularly tend to be happier, healthier and more balanced. They also make much better additions to the family! Grooming promotes a clean coat, healthy skin and can prevent or eliminate many nuisances that often accompany pet ownership, such as shedding, dander and odor. Knoll Animal Hospital is pleased to offer professional grooming to provide for the external health and wellbeing of our cherished patients.

Our hospital is home to a full service grooming salon, The Purple Poodle. It’s the perfect place to pamper your companion and make that special little guy or gal feel like royalty! Seasoned groomers offer exceptional care with a gentle, reassuring touch. Have a special request? Just ask! With years of experience and extensive training, the grooming staff will set to work beautifying your pet. Whether it’s a nail trim or bath, a stylish haircut or something else, they’ll have your companion looking, feeling and smelling his or her very best!

Call today at (630) 485-9099 to schedule your companion’s next grooming appointment!