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Who We Are

A few words about us...

Your pet isn’t cut from a mold. He or she has a special and truly unique personality. As such, the health care your companion receives should be just as exceptional.

At Knoll Animal Hospital, we believe that each and every patient we serve deserves to be treated like the individual he or she is. It is this personalized approach to medicine that makes our clinic so homey and inviting. Our team is genuinely passionate about helping animals enjoy longer, healthier lives and we’d love to help yours do the same.

We also believe that vet visits shouldn’t be cold and clinical. While we take our jobs seriously, we’re not afraid to let our hair down and have a little fun. Warm hugs and engaging conversation with our clients is as common around here as the extra snuggles and chin scratches we offer our patients. After all, that’s what being family is all about!

If you’re in the market for a Carol Stream or Glen Ellyn area vet, we sincerely hope you’ll consider giving Knoll Animal Hospital a try. We’d love the opportunity to provide you both with the personal care and attention you deserve. Call or stop by today!

  • They Like Our Service

    What our clients have to say...

    • Jon WinterJon Winter

      I'm a believer that the best medical care is from local practices without oversized staffs. A vet that actually treats your pet like a patient and not a number. Dr. Pecoraro was referred to us by a close friend who knows a thing or two about animals. Best referral ever. Personalized attention, always willing to answer questions and incredibly knowledgeable. They recognize our dog on sight and genuinely care about him.

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    • Denise WoodsDenise Woods

      Dr. Pecoraro and staff are honest, compassionate and always puts the needs of my pets first. I have a cat with a chronic condition, as well as a dog with anxiety issues. Dr Pecoraro and staff have managed to make visits less traumatic for both Ralphie and myself. She genuinely cares about the well-being of my animals. Unlike other clinics, I never felt as though any unnecessary tests or procedures are performed. I would highly recommend Dr P and staff to all pet lovers.

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    • Roxanne TaubsRoxanne Taubs

      Best staff and vet ever!!! Dr. P is ALWAYS honest and to the point!

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    • Donna ZmorzynskiDonna Zmorzynski

      I can’t begin to say how thankful I was to have located Dr. Pecoraro (now Knoll) for my timid, anxious Aussie-Lab, Zoe. I am willing to drive the 40-45 minutes for because of this care, as well as the rapport I and my “family” have with Dr. Knoll and her staff. We found local care after my “dog whisperer” vet had to retire after many years, but I knew in my heart Dr. Pecoraro was a special vet who I wanted to track down. We had a couple of “untimely needs” during our vets’ off-hours possibly a year earlier, once for Zoe and twice for an egg-bound Bearded Dragon. At those visits, Dr. Pecoraro demonstrated such patience and concern for them. When we needed to choose to euthanize our Beardie, Dr. Pecararo performed the procedure compassionately and demonstrated compassion regarding our loss. She also was proactive in discussing the diet and behavior changes that our male Beardie may exhibit related to mourning a Beardie he was not “housed” with; this aided in our keeping him interactive and healthy.

      Our 14-yr. old Aussie-Lab has suffered with reoccurring ear infections and is now fairly deaf, but happy. She receives what I consider the best skilled and compassionate care from both Dr. Knoll and her staff. They are gentle souls looking out for her well-being. Examinations typically were frightening and a challenge, but Zoe finds them less so under her care. Any procedures are discussed and performed with the pet patient in mind, first and foremost, and all options are presented. If anyone is looking for the best doctor, staff, and care, you can’t make a better choice than Dr. Knoll and her staff.

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    • Heather Laing BuccolaHeather Laing Buccola

      We absolutely love Dr. Knoll and the rest of the staff at Knoll Animal Hospital. Thanks for taking such great care of our pups!

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    • Karen Kaniecki-MeyerKaren Kaniecki-Meyer

      I have been going to Dr. Angela Clark for over 10 years and I can't imagine going to anyone else. Although new to Knoll Animal Hospital I believe you will find that she gives the same excellent care that you have experienced with Dr Knoll. She explains everything that is easily understood, gives you options on how to move forward. Shares her concerns and pros and cons concerning treatment. She is open to new and different ideas and if not comfortable with a medical situation she does NOT hesitate to inquire with other Drs. what might be the best way to proceed. I find that refreshing as she puts the care of the animal before everything. I think you will find she is an excellent addition to the already wonderful staff at Knoll Animal Hospital,
      Karen Meyer

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    • Karleigh PratherKarleigh Prather

      Great vet! They truly care about any problems you have with the pet and always put the pet first! Dr Knoll is very knowledgeable and explains everything so you can understand too! Definitely recommend them

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