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Pet Adoption Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

April 1, 2018

Shelters and the pets housed in them can sometimes get a bad rap, perhaps because of the nature of animal rescue work. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear—there are many wonderful reasons to adopt a pet from a shelter! Here, Carol Stream, IL vet dispels a few common myths:

Shelter Pets Are Badly Behaved

This isn’t true. Pets don’t often arrive in shelters because of poor behavior—issues like abandonment and unrestricted breeding are much more common reasons. The vast majority of pets throughout shelters are well-behaved and are just looking for a loving home to take them in!

Shelter Pets Are Old

Some make the mistake of thinking that all pets in shelters are old, unwanted animals—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pets of all ages, from puppies and kittens to elderly companions and everything in between, can be found in your local shelters! No matter what age of pet you’re considering adopting, you’re likely to find it in a shelter.

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

Think shelters, as well as the pets who live in them, are dirty, unkempt places? Think again. Shelter staff work every day to keep the facilities clean and sanitary; in fact, it’s essential in order to prevent the spread of disease and infections. Even if a pet arrives at a shelter in a less-than-stellar condition, they’re bathed and groomed before being offered for adoption.

Shelter Pets Are Expensive

Adopting a shelter pet is, on the whole, almost always far less expensive than purchasing a companion from a pet store or directly from a breeder. Plus, adoption fees often include things like vaccinations, preventative medicines, and other essentials that your pet needs. That means you won’t have to spend that money initially, as it’s already been taken care of for you!

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats

You may be surprised to learn that shelters often house more than just dogs and cats. If you’re in the market for a unique pet, consider checking your local shelters. Many facilities run adoption programs for pocket pets like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils; birds, ferrets; reptile and amphibian pets like snakes, turtles, or frogs; or even exotic animals! These pets need loving homes too, and you can save a life by visiting a shelter first.

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