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Combating Your Dog’s Excessive Shedding

May 1, 2018

Shedding is a natural part of life for most dogs. That doesn’t mean it’s any fun for you when it’s time to clean up the pet fur! If you would like to cut down on your dog’s shedding, try these tips from a Carol Stream, IL vet:


You’ll be amazed at what daily brushing sessions can do to reduce the amount of shed hair that you find around your home. Brushing traps loose and dead fur in the brush itself, preventing the vast majority of it from falling all over your carpets and furniture. An added benefit of brushing is that it helps to spread essential skin oils through your dog’s entire coat, giving it a natural moisturized shine and cutting down on shedding at the outset.

Diet Tips

Did you know that what your dog eats has a lot to do with his shedding? If your pooch isn’t receiving the right nutrients through his food, the coat is one of the first things that will suffer! A poor diet leads to dull, coarse, and dry fur; a well-balanced diet, on the other hand, will keep your dog’s coat shiny, voluminous, and moisturized. Talk to your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great diet choice for your canine companion.

Supplements and Hair-Care Products

Sometimes, a great diet needs a little help. Dietary supplements—fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and others—as well as hair-care products made specifically for dogs may be necessary if your dog is struggling with a particularly dry coat or shedding excessively. Don’t make a purchase without first talking to your veterinarian. He or she can advise you on exactly the type of product that may help your pet.

Space Restrictions

Some dogs simply shed more than others. If your canine companion falls into that category, one technique you can try to make things a little easier is space restriction. This means training your dog to stay on only one floor of your home, or training them not to get up on furniture. By narrowing the area that your dog spends time in, you have less to keep clean!

See Your Vet

Has your dog’s shedding increased drastically in a short period of time? Is your dog exhibiting bald spots or scratching incessantly? It’s time to visit the vet’s office! Medical issues like skin infection could be to blame. Call your Carol Stream, IL animal hospital.