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Litterbox Training a Bunny

September 1, 2020

Did you know that rabbits can be taught to use litterboxes? Floppy doesn’t take to using boxes as quickly as cats do, but she can learn to leave her messes in her personal bathroom, rather than on the floor. Training will take a bit of time, but will be well worth the effort. Read on as a local Glen Ellyn, IL vet offers some advice on training a bunny to use a litterbox. 

S  upplies

You’ll need to hit the pet store to pick up a few things. Get a wide, shallow box that is easy for your pet to get in and out of. Cat litterboxes are fine, but you can also use a cement-mixing pan. Another option is to cut down the side or sides of a storage tote. (Just make sure that there are no sharp edges.) If you have two bunnies, make sure that the box is big enough to hold them both. For litter, an unscented paper litter is a great choice. Avoid clay and clumping litters, as well as anything made from wood shavings. 


Start by adding a bit of litter to the pan. It doesn’t have to be very deep. Floppy won’t bury her waste, so adding too much will ultimately result in you going through a lot more litter than you need to. Put some of her waste in the box. This will help her form the correct association with her powder room and its intended use. Rabbits like to munch while they do their business, so you may want to get a hayrack. Position it so that Floppy has to get into the box to reach it. 

Getting Started

We recommend limiting your cute pet’s space during training. A puppy pen will help with this. Keep a close eye on your furball, especially after she’s eaten. If she starts acting like she’s about to go, pick her up and put her in her box. Immediately reward her with treats and praise when she uses it. This stage can get a bit tiresome, but don’t give up! From here, it’s really just a matter of patience and repetition. Finally, don’t punish Floppy for accidents. Focus on rewarding good behavior instead. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Glen Ellyn, IL pet clinic, we are always here to help!