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Holidays With Guinea Pigs

December 1, 2020

The holidays are officially here! At this time of year, we see lots of photos and articles featuring Fluffy and Fido and their holiday plans. But what about smaller pets? In this article, a Glen Ellyn, IL vet offers a few tips on spending the holidays with a Guinea pig.

G  ifts

Don’t forget to get a stocking for your cute pet! Toys make great gifts for these little balls of fur. Your Guinea pig will likely appreciate having lots of chew toys to nibble on. You can buy these, but you can also make your own. Look online for ideas. You can also get your cavy a cozy, which is basically a sort of tent/sleeping bag, or perhaps a new hidey-hole. 


Food is a big part of many holiday traditions. Your tiny pal can certainly enjoy a yummy snack! Just stick with safe, suitable foods. Commercial treats are okay, but limit these, as many of them contain lots of sugar. Some other good options are carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and kale. Small amounts of fruits, such as berries and bananas, are also fine. Always research new foods to make sure they are safe.


Who says you can’t decorate your tiny furball’s cage? Plain paper snowflake chains or snowmen are both cute and edible. You can also use wrapping paper, as long as you pick a kind that is printed with non-toxic ink. Another thing you can do is make your little buddy a hidey-hole out of a gift bag or a box. You can even put decorations around the cage, as long as they are out of paw’s reach. Avoid anything small or sharp, as well as items with ropes or threads.


This can be a dangerous time of year for a little furball! Pick up things like pine needles, tinsel strands, ribbons, and ornament hooks off the floor. Also, be aware that many popular plants, such as poinsettia, holly, ivy, and mistletoe, are toxic to pets. Fires and fireplaces are dangerous as well. Use a thick grate to make sure your fuzzy pal can’t get too close. 


Cavies take some super cute pictures! Snap a shot of your furry buddy on a tiny sleigh, or wearing a little Santa hat.

Happy Holidays from Knoll Animal Hospital, your Glen Ellyn, IL veterinary clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!