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Fido's Cutest New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Are you setting goals for yourself for the next year? If so, your furry pal will be there with you, cheering you on in his own doggy way as you strive to make your goals. In fact, your pup may have a few things on his to-do list as well. Here, a Glen Ellyn, IL vet lists some of Fido’s most adorable resolutions for 2021.


Man’s Best Friend is definitely a great example on how to live life to the fullest. Fido is the epitome of jubilance when he’s running after his favorite ball or splashing in the spray from a hose. Help your pooch make this goal by getting him lots of toys and playing with him regularly. 

Be A Good Boy

Our canine pals love getting praised or rewarded. Get that tail wagging by complimenting Fido and giving him treats and praise for behaving properly.

Get My Bed Back From The Cat

Cats are pretty opportunistic nappers. They also clearly believe that everything in their domains belongs to them. Good luck with this one, buddy! 


Fido’s cute little nose is very sensitive, and gives him all sorts of valuable information. That’s one reason that pooches like exploring so much. Take your pet to some nice parks this year, and let him sniff around. The fresh air and sunshine will be good for you, too! 

Collect All The Attention 

Dogs are pretty adorable, and they love getting belly rubs and ear scritches. Fido may become even more of a ham this year than he was in 2020!  

Get Some Bacon 

Does your pooch basically teleport to your feet when he hears you open a food wrapper? Fido has mastered that sad, soulful expression that’s so effective at getting us to fork over snacks. Treats are fine, but limit fatty foods, like bacon. 


Being loyal, adorable, curious, and playful is pretty hard work. Fido will sleep through about half of 2021. Make sure he has a comfy bed for all those naps!

Stick Close To The Human

Dogs are extremely loyal and loving, and they really just want to hang out with their two-legged friends. Given the choice, Fido would be with you all day, every day!

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