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If Pets Had Thumbs

March 1, 2021

There’s a pre tty fun pet holiday coming up. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What do you think your furry pal would do if they suddenly grew opposable thumbs? We suspect that, if this were to happen, many of our four-legged patients would get into all sorts of mischief. A Glen Ellyn, IL vet offers a few ‘pawsibilities’ in this option.

S  ocial Media                    

Fluffy and Fido probably wouldn’t take long to get the hang of social media. Cats would do very well here. After all, kitties have already taken over a chunk of the internet!

Order Dinner

One of the few silver linings of the pandemic has been an increase in restaurants doing delivery or takeout. Your furry friends would happily order themselves some dinner. Fluffy would probably go for fish, such as salmon, while Fido may opt for burgers, steaks, sausages … or all three.

Raid The Fridge

It’s probably safe to say that Fido would want to sample everything you have in your house. You’d likely come home to find a pile of empty containers, and your pup sleeping off a food coma. As for Fluffy, she may open all your canned goods, or perhaps just peel the labels off them, just to be a jerk.

Borrow The Car

If Fido realized that he could drive, he probably wouldn’t take long grabbing the keys and heading off for a drive. Where would he go? A dog park is one good option. He may also go on a shopping spree at a nearby pet store. Oh, and drive throughs. Lots of drive throughs.

Lock The Door

Cats tend to be homebodies, so Fluffy probably wouldn’t be very interested in going to parks or stores. However, she may very well lock both you and Fido out of the house.

Online Shopping

If pets figured out how to shop online, you may soon find your porch or step filling up with packages. Fluffy would probably order things like beds, toys, catnip, and kitty furniture. She may also pick out a few things out of the blue, like a cutlery set or some curtains. As for Fido, he’d also go for treats and beds, but he would also probably want things like automated ball launchers.

Do you have questions about your furry buddy’s health or care? Contact us, your local Glen Ellyn, IL veterinary clinic, anytime!