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Resolutions For Reptile Owners

January 15, 2022

Hope you’re having a happy New Year! Setting goals for the coming year is what this time of year is all about. Growth and change are always important, no matter where you are in life or how old you are. This is something that is also very relevant to pet owners. It’s important to understand your animal companion’s needs in order to keep him happy and healthy. Out of all of our patients, reptiles are the most often misunderstood. A vet lists some resolutions for people with turtles, snakes, and lizards below. 

Do More Research 

Reptiles are really fascinating. In fact, they get even more interesting as you learn more about them! Even if you’ve had pet reptiles for as far back as you can remember, there’s always more to learn. Invest in a few good source books or magazines, or just go on an online reading binge. It will still be time well spent, even it you only learn just a few things! 

Check Your Equipment 

Many of our reptilian buddies need specific living conditions when it comes to lighting, temperature, and/or humidity. This requires special equipment for both monitoring and creating the right conditions. If your pet’s gear is old or sub-par, it may not be accurate. So of it’s time for an upgrade, that’s one item for your to-do list this year.

Replace Bulbs

Many types of specialized light bulbs get weaker long before they burn out. It may not be noticeable though, as the bulbs may look fine to the naked eye. Be sure to replace these regularly! 

Watch For Warning Signs

While reptiles can be both personable and charming, they tend not to be as charismatic as dogs, cats, and other animals. This can make it harder to spot behavioral changes that might indicate illness or stress. Research can help, but it’s also important just to observe your pet. This should be something you enjoy doing. Reptiles are both captivating and beautiful to watch!

Share The Love

Unfortunately, reptiles suffer from some pretty bad PR. They not only play essential roles in our natural environment, they’re also cute as all get out. Snap some pics of your reptilian pal, and use them to help spread the word about reptiles and why it’s important to protect their welfare. Who knows? You may just change someone’s mind!

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