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Fluffy’s Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2023

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Or do you prefer to wait until the last minute? Whatever your approach, your furball will be quite intrigued by all those bags and boxes you vetbring home. Fluffy might even assist with gift wrapping! Of course, your feline pal deserves her own gifts, too. Here are a few great gifts for kitties from a local Carol Stream, IL veterinarian.

Holiday Gifts For Kittens

Is your feline pal still a kitten? If so, you’re in for a super cute holiday season. (Remember to take plenty of pictures with little Fluffy. That adorable toddler stage doesn’t last long!) 

Toys are the purrfect go-to gift options for frisky felines. However, you may want to hold off on the catnip for now: most cats aren’t susceptible to it until they’re at least three months old. 

Cat furniture is great, too. Just keep in mind that kittens will outgrow most kitten-sized items very quickly. You may want to choose a cat tower with lots of nooks and crannies for your playful buddy to explore. Giving your pet her gift a little early may not be a bad idea, as it may distract her enough to keep her out of the tree. 

Presents For Adult Cats 

Toys are still a pawesome choice. Cats always appreciate having new playthings to push under the sofa. Our feline buddies all have different tastes, so experiment with a few things, and see what Fluffy likes best. 

By now, your pet will be able to partake in catnip. A classic catnip mouse is fine. (Catnip chipmunks, birds, squirrels, and armadillos are also acceptable to most of our feline overlords.) Fluffy may also like a live catnip plant, catnip bubbles, or catnip spray. 

Keep in mind not all cats enjoy catnip. About half of our feline friends are immune to its effects. For furballs who don’t like catnip, honeysuckle cat toys are a good option. For some reason, kitties who don’t like catnip often like honeysuckle. (We’ll just add that one to the ever-growing list of cat mysteries.)

Presents For Senior Cats

Once Fluffy reaches her golden years, she may prefer relaxing in a cozy spot under the tree rather than trying to knock it over. Comfort is king when it comes to older kitties. Get your furry pal some things that make life easy for her, such as pet ramps or a litter box with low walls. Another option is grooming furniture, such as something with a roller brush that she can rub against. Older cats often have trouble cleaning themselves, so your feline friend may appreciate the extra beauty tools. 

Of course, senior kitties still enjoy pet furniture such as cat towers, cat shelves, scratching posts, window seats, and/or catwalks.

Ask your veterinarian in Carol Stream, IL for more information on caring for an aging kitty. 

Modern Gadget Cat Gifts

It’s incredible how many hi-tech cat toys are on the market these days. You can get Fluffy a remote-controlled toy, a smart mouse, or an automated laser pointer. There are even games made just for her to play on a smartphone or tablet. (This is a great way to repurpose an old phone or tablet.) 

While we always recommend keeping kitties indoors, if you do let Fluffy roam, you may want to get her a GPS tag.

Another cute choice would be programmable paw pads that speak specific words when Fluffy steps on them. These new products make it easier than ever for cats to boss their humans around. 

Simple Cat Gifts

Some kitties have pretty simple tastes. One surefire way to score some purrs is to give your furry friend the empty boxes after everyone has opened all of their gifts. GIft bags are fine, too: just be sure to cut the handles off. 

DIY Options For Cat Gifts

Are you a crafty type? There are many great opportunities for DIY toys. For instance, you can make your own catnip mice. Or bats. O squirrels. Start by cutting two matching pieces of fabric and sewing them together with the exterior sides facing inwards. Then, stitch them closed around the edges, leaving a small opening. Use that hole to pull the fabric through. Finally, stuff it with catnip before sewing it closed. Voila!

Homeless Cat Gifts

Unfortunately, there are far too many cute, sweet cats in shelters, hoping for a loving home. These poor furballs only want a warm lap to curl up on, and for someone to offer them the love and affection they crave. (Toys, treats, and catnip are stretch goals.)  

Adoption would be the ultimate gift for any homeless kitty.  However, adopting a cat is a big decision, and should never be made hastily. (Note: there is an exception here, that being the Universal Cat Distribution System. If you happen to find a kitty on your step, then you may have been assigned a cat. However, that’s another topic.) 

Adoption isn’t the only way to help homeless cats. You can also donate money or supplies to a local shelter. Volunteering is another option. 

Stray and feral cats also need help. One option is to put out kitty shelters in your neighborhood. You can make them out of storage totes. Place one inside the other with newspaper in between, cut a small doorway on one side, and add a soft blanket. 

Fluffy’s Favorite Things

Cat beds are pretty much a universal gift. Kitties can never have too many napping spots! Store-bought beds are fine, but you can also make one yourself with an old suitcase, drawer, or crate. These are great ways to reuse something you don’t want or need anymore,

Also on the list of Fluffy’s most wanted items? Cat towers! Kitties both enjoy and benefit from having pieces they can climb, play on, nap on, and use as lookouts.

Scratching posts or boards are also good choices. There are some really cute products out there now. You can get your pet a manicure station that looks like a taco, a flower, a cactus, a hippie van, or a retro deejay turntable. Or, just choose something that matches your decor.

Picking Safe Gifts 

When shopping for your pet, always put her safety first. Avoid toys with small components that could pose a choking risk. It’s also wise to refrain from purchasing pet products from other countries, as their quality standards may not be very rigorous. Unfortunately, pet products have been found to contain harmful substances like BPAS and lead.

Feel free to reach out to your trusted Carol Stream, IL veterinary clinic for additional guidance and advice.

Final Tips

Our feline buddies are all unique. You should also consider your furball’s personality. Shy cats may enjoy comfort items, while bold, adventurous cats may benefit from an exercise wheel. Last but not least, don’t be surprised if Fluffy ignores her new gifts and decides to play with a ball of wrapping paper or a bottle cap. You just never know with kitties! 
Happy Holidays from Knoll Animal Hospital! We wish each and every one of you a wonderful and beautiful season. As your Carol Stream, IL animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top quality veterinary care and service. Contact us anytime!