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Fluffy's Autumn Agenda

October 15, 2020

Fall is officially upon us. For many people, this time of year is all about enjoying that crisp air, and taking part in fun seasonal events and activities. Fluffy probably won’t be very interested in visiting a corn maze or picking apples, but she does have a few things on her kitty calendar. A Glen Ellyn, IL vet lists some of them below.


No matter what season it is, or what the weather is like, your drowsy little pet will keep up with her exhausting napping schedule. Fluffy will look for warm, comfy spots for those 32 daily naps, so make sure she has lots of comfy beds to curl up in.

Soak Up Some Sun

Cats are not technically cold blooded, so they don’t actually have to bask. However, they haven’t realized this yet: most of these quirky furballs absolutely love sunbathing. Put one of Fluffy’s beds in a bright spot for her.

Fur The House

Fall is one of the peak shedding times for our furry buddies. You may find quite a bit of cat fur on your clothes and furniture over the next few weeks. You can use a damp sponge or squeegee to remove your feline friend’s hair from your clothing and furniture. Vacuuming also helps.


Kitties often get a bit frisky when that first cold snap hits. Take time to play with your feline pal every day, and help her burn off those zoomies. This is a cute way for you to entertain Fluffy, spend time with her, and keep her in shape!

Photo Shoot

This is a purrfect time of year to get some cute photos of your kitty. Try and snap Fluffy’s picture against some seasonal foliage or decorations. Pumpkins, leaves, books, and comfy blankets all make great props! (Tip: choose a spot where the background contrasts with your little buddy’s coat.)

Nature Watch

Cats are always much safer indoors, where they are protected from traffic, weather, wild animals, and other hazards. Give Fluffy a comfy window seat, where she can watch birds and falling leaves.

Movie Marathon

As the leaves change, many people start filling their video playlists with horror movies. Settle in with your kitty and a yummy snack, and enjoy some of your favorite flicks. 

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