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Adopting a Senior Dog

November 1, 2020

November is Adopt A Senior Pup Month! While there’s never a bad time to adopt an older dog—or any dog, for that matter—this is a wonderful chance for us to shine a ‘spot’ light on senior pooches that need loving homes. Here, a local Glen Ellyn, IL vet discusses adopting a pup in his golden years.


Older dogs have some unique benefits that make them great pets. For one thing, they’re much calmer than younger ones. Fido will probably be more interested in belly rubs than in chasing after squirrels. Dogs in their golden years are also already trained, and have generally outgrown bad habits like digging and chewing. Another benefit? You don’t have to wonder about your four-legged friend’s adult size or personality. What you see is what you get!


When you go shopping for your canine pal, keep Fido’s age in mind. You want to look for things that will help keep your pooch comfortable. Soft beds, elevated dishes, and pet ramps are all great products for older dogs. You can also find toys, treats, and food made for furry retirees.

Getting Settled

It’s always very sad to see older dogs in shelters. Typically, these sweet pooches end up being put up for adoption through no fault of their own. Being in a shelter is very stressful and confusing for Fido. And, because dogs get so attached to their humans, they may also struggle with grief, depression, and anxiety after being separated from—or even abandoned by—their former owners. Your new pet may need time to adjust and settle in. He may also sleep a lot at first. That’s fine! 

Helping Other Pups

If adopting isn’t really right for you just now, consider helping in other ways. Animal shelters are always in need of donations. You can also try volunteering, or even fostering. If you have a senior dog, share a photo of him to help raise awareness.

Treasured Time

You may be surprised at how quickly Fido melts your heart. There’s something very sweet about older dogs, and their love and loyalty. It also feels great to help a pooch in need. Savor this special time with your new furry buddy. Tail wags from older pups are really very special! 

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